30 minute treatment - $45 + GST
60 minute treatment - $70 + GST
90 minute treatment - $95 + GST

Treatments are customized to meet each individual's needs.

Direct Billing is available, please contact us to see if you qualify.
All major credit cards and debit tap are accepted.



Improve your quality of sleep, decrease your sore muscles and treat and prevent injuries with massage.  Massage Therapy uses a variety of techniques, including Myofascial Release, Trigger Point Release, Active and Passive Stretching and Relaxation.  Depending on the clients' needs, assessments and remedial exercises will be performed to ensure the best results.  
Myofascial Cupping is a very versatile technique that can be used to decrease pain, treat Trigger Points (knots), reduce fascial restrictions, and improve range of motion.  Myofascial Cupping Technique uses negative pressure to "lift and seperate" soft tissue, creating a passive stretch.  This style of cupping is different from Traditional Chinese Medicine.  Marking the skin is not a desired outcome of this treatment and it is performed at a pressure level that provides minimal discomfort to the client.  It is easily incorporated into a traditional massage and is beneficial to most clients.


Lymphatic Drainage Therapy (LDT) is a light technique which promotes a healthy immune system, increases circulation, decreases edema and treats a variety of conditions, such as chronic headaches, migraines, Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue.  This technique is incorporated easily into a traditional massage.